With more than 130 years of experience, Opplysningen 1881 AS is the leading Norwegian provider of directory services via phone and SMS.

Opplysningen 1881’s core business is directory services by Voice and SMS. The company also has a “new services” business area, consisting of Opplysningen Eksperthjelp, Mobilsøk, B2B and Ask Adam.

Eksperthjelp offers expert services via telephone and email via the Eksperthjelp.no and Opplysningen.no portal. Everyone from doctors, lawyers and IT experts offer their services through this portal that serves as an extension of Opplysningen 1881 and will form an important part of information services in the future. Mobilsøk consists of an application with several related services. AskAdam is a manual, expanded information service via SMS.

Opplysningen 1881 has its roots back to 1881, and was the first number inquiry service in Norway. Opplysningen 1881 was the sole provider of these services until 2000, when the monopoly for these services was removed. Telenor owned the company until 2004 when the ownership was transferred to Telenor Venture and A. Wilhelmsen.

Kistefos became a shareholder in 2007 when Opplysningen and the Kistefos portfolio company Carrot Communications merged. In 2010, Opplysningen 1881 was split into Opplysningen 1881, which consisted of the traditional directory services, Digitale Medier 1881, which consisted of the 1881.no web site, and Intelecom which provided B2B telecom services. Intelecom was subsequently sold to Herkules Private Equity in 2010 and Digitale Medier 1881 was sold to Amedia in 2013.

Opplysningen 1881 AS is headquartered in Oslo. Enquiries to 1881 are received by the branch offices in Namsos and Otta.

For further information on Opplysningen 1881, please visit www.opplysningen.no