ATEX is a global software supplier to the media industry. ATEX develops content management and engagement solutions to customers worldwide, enabling them to streamline their operations and optimise their digital and print strategy.

The product portfolio consists of several products for managing (news) content and channel distribution via print and digital media, and advertising. ATEX has a strong history in print media, having many significant print media companies on the customer list and is currently penetrating the customer base with digital products.

ATEX’s history dates back to 1973 when the company was founded to develop computerized publishing systems that would help improve the efficiency of publishing daily newspapers. Kistefos took control of the company in 2005. The company has conducted several acquisitions, and in 2013 sold two product lines, primarily concentrated to the US to Newscycle Solutions.

The company’s headquarter is based in Reading, UK and the group has offices in Australia, Singapore, Sweden, Finland and Italy.

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