Western Bulk Chartering (WBC) is a global operator of dry bulk vessels and the World’s third largest operator of Supramax vessels. The history of Western Bulk starts in 1982, when the company was established under the names Western Bulk Shipping and Western Bulk Carriers. In February 2016, Bulk Invest ASA (formerly known as Western Bulk ASA) sold its subsidiary Western Bulk Chartering AS to Kistefos AS. Following this transaction, WBC is now a privately owned, independent chartering company.

At its core, WBC is a service company that transports commodities for its customers worldwide. To do this, the company charters in vessels from the market, both on spot basis and for longer time periods. Through its size and access to market liquidity it can offer customers flexibility, competitive pricing and reliable services. At the same time, the company uses its informational advantage to take limited, short-term positions in the freight market and to capture arbitrage opportunities. WBC strives to constantly optimise its portfolio of cargo contracts and vessels, and use optionality actively to do this.

WBC has a diversified organisational structure with commercial authority distributed down to seven independent business units with geographical mandates. The units are based throughout WBC’s offices in Oslo, Singapore, Santiago, Seattle and Miami. Each business unit makes its own commercial decisions. This ensures diversified exposures, quick decision-making and good alignment of risk and rewards.

Risk management is a key part of WBC, fundamentally important for operations. The risk management system includes various models to quantify risks, as well as policies and procedures to limit and control the market, counterparts and operational risks. With the model in place from 2007, WBC has since then produced positive margins, strong cash flow and significant dividend capacity on a consistent basis.

Based on the presence in different markets worldwide, the company has built a broad and well-diversified supplier and customer base. In 2015, WBC operated an average fleet of 155 vessels to transport 48 million tonnes of dry bulk commodities for more than 360 cargo customers world-wide.

For further information on Western Bulk Chartering, please visit  www.westernbulk.com