Marco Polo Network

Marco Polo Network is building the world’s first open platform for trade finance powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The best way to describe Marco Polo Network is as a ‘Network of Networks’ for global trade finance. It is the most connected and secured platform infrastructure for banks, asset managers, B2B networks and value-added service providers.

Marco Polo Network is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland

Kistefos invested in Marco Polo Network in 2017 and holds 28% of the shares.

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Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Christen Sveaas
MemberRob Barnes
MemberErik Borgen
MemberMark Buitenhek
MemberNaoyoshi Yoneyama
MemberDiane Gray-Smith
MemberBruno Lechavalier
MemberKazuo Yoshimura
CEORob Barnes
CFODiane Gray-Smith