Semine has developed the accounting robot SEMINE, which utilizes artificial intelligence to automate accounting and invoice management for companies, accounting agencies and the public sector. The market for accounting services will changing rapidly over the coming years, driven by increased digitalisation and automation. Semine will be a key player driving these changes.  By delivering superior quality services, enabling new insights using line-item data while also enabling cost savings for customers, Semine aims to become a leading player within the accounting market. Semine has about 70 employees with offices in Kristiansand, Oslo and a subsidiary in India with support staff.

Semine is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway.

Kistefos invested in Semine in 2017 and holds 52,7% of the shares.

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Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Tom Olav Holberg
MemberArild Spandow
MemberThore Berthelsen
MemberAlexander Farooq
MemberRobert Kristiansen
CEOLene Diesen