Promon is a Norwegian technology company that specializes in securing cyber-security software applications. Promon focuses on security solutions that are incorporated into applications and can detect and prevent attacks without human intervention – so-called Application Hardening or Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) technology. Promon’s patented method for proactively detecting and blocking security threats enables protection of applications and data on any potentially unsafe or unprotected device in any location.

Promon focuses on banking and finance, but supplies products to a variety of industries, and several major international companies use Promon’s solutions.

Promon is headquartered in Oslo, Norway

Kistefos invested in Promon in 2008 and owns 29.1% of the shares.

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Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Jan Øverby
MemberNishan Fafalia
MemberJohan Gjesdahl
MemberKristian Huseby
MemberTrygve Aasland
CEOGustaf Sahlman
CTOTom Lysemose Hansen
COOStephan Gäbler