Previwo is a Norwegian based biotechnology company with biological health products which can add high value through managing microbial systems for better health, yield, welfare and sustainability. The company researches, develops, and commercializes probiotics and bacterial vaccines using new science and technology to make more effective products for aquaculture.

The company’s first product, Stembiont™, is a bath protocol using probiotic bacteria to improve the microbial balance in the fish, which yields better health and better growth. In addition to Stembiont™, Previwo has an extensive pipeline of products under development.

Previwo is headquartered in Oslo, Norway

Kistefos invested in Previwo in 2018 and owns 60,2% of the shares.

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Board of Directors
Chairman:Erik Borgen
MemberKristian F. Huseby
MemberFredrik Bendiksen
MemberTarje Landsgård
MemberHenning Sørum
CEOKira Salonius