Lumarine is a leading on-growing specialist with a primarily focus on ballan wrasse and cod. On-growing of ballan wrasse and cod is two markets characterized by large growth potential and clear supply gap.

The company has three modern and flexible production facilities: Tjeldbergodden (flow-through), Tømmervåg (flow-through), and Sleneset (RAS). Tjeldbergodden is the company’s main facility and has unique access to heated water resulting in significantly lower production costs.

In 2020, the company signed long-term contracts for production of cod and ballan wrasse with two leading industry players. Lumarine is currently expanding its capacity with the aim of doubling its capacity.

Kistefos invested in Lumarine in 2016 and is the majority owner with 82,1% of the shares. Two strategic add-on acquisitions have been completed since Kistefos invested in the company.

The company was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Aure, Norway.

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Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Hallvard Peter Bogh Muri
MemberKristian F. Huseby
MemberErik Borgen
MemberRita Katrine Løkken Granlund
MemberTore Valderhaug
CEOKarl C. Baumann
CFOMorten Skrøvje