Lumarine produces cleaner fish and large salmon smolt for the Norwegian salmon farming industry. Cleaner fish are the leading biological solution for ridding the salmon industry of its biggest inhibitor; the salmon lice. The primary cleaner fish product is the lumpsucker (Cyclopterus lumpus) and the company aims to become the lead producer of both biomass and quality. Sea lice is an inhibitor and a considerable expense for the salmon industry, but also an environmental concern for the wild salmon and trout. The product from Lumarine hence promotes both healthy sea food and mitigates environmental issues for the wild salmon and trout.

Lumarine has three production facilities; Tømmervåg – a modern flow-through facility for production of lumpsuckers, Tjeldbergodden – a flow-through facility with access to heated water for production of large salmon smolt and wrasse, and Sleneset – a modern RAS-facility for production of lumpsuckers.

Lumarine is headquartered in Tømmervåg, Norway.

Kistefos invested in Lumarine in 2016 and is the majority owner with 94.5% of the shares.

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Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Erik Borgen
MemberKristian F. Huseby
MemberGeir Spiten
CEOKarl C. Baumann