Diffia has developed Nimble, the clinician’s pocket assistant. Among many other things, It allows clinicians to efficiently and seamlessly communicate with other physicians and nurses at a hospital, instantly document patient information at the point of care, and share that information instantly with the entire care team. Uniquely, Nimble is integrated with other critical hospital systems, enabling much needed reductions in administrative burdens, increased patient facing time and significantly reduced probability of mistakes arising from manual information flows. Meanwhile, It collects structured data, which will enable the use machine learning and AI to automate administrative tasks that steal valuable time away from clinicians.

The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Kistefos invested in Diffia in 2019 and is the largest owner with 23,3 % of the shares

Key facts
Board of Directors
Chairman:Kristian Fredrik Kværner Huseby
Peder Røhne Figenbaum
MemberGautam Chandna
MemberSoheil Dabestani
MemberPetter Kirkeby Risør
MemberAlexander Farooq
CEOSoheil Dabestani
COOPetter Risøe