Advanzia Bank

A European online direct bank

Advanzia Bank S.A. is a European online directbank specialising in credit cards and card payment solutions for consumers, business partners and financial institutions.

Advanzia was founded in 2005 in Luxembourg and granted a banking license by the Luxembourg Minister of Treasury and Budget in December of the same year. With over one million active credit card customers, Advanzia is a leading online credit card issuer in Germany, with a strong presence in Luxembourg, Austria and France.

Regulatory stability in the heart of Europe

Advanzia is headquartered in Luxembourg, a socially and politically stable financial hub in the heart of Europe. As such, the Bank is subject to Luxembourg banking laws which are based on EU regulations CRD IV/CRR (Basel 3), and they are regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), which oversees the activities of banks operating in Luxembourg. Thanks to the Bank’s European passporting licence, they can offer their products and services in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Simple and flexible products

Advanzia currently offers two consumer products: A Mastercard credit card and a deposit account. The no-fee Mastercard offers an optional revolving credit facility and is a flexible payment method recognised worldwide with a range of additional advantages, including 24/7 customer service and various insurance benefits. The Advanzia Deposit Account offers favourable conditions and a competitive interest rate.

Bespoke credit card solutions

Advanzia has business partnerships with over 140 companies, associations and institutions that use their co-branded credit cards to create competitive advantage and enhance customer loyalty. Advanzia’s Omnium product line specialises in turnkey credit card solutions for banks and other financial institutions, and delivers a whole card programme, which encompasses licensing, issuance, processing, settlement and customer service.

Solid shareholder structure

Advanzia is an independent bank, with a limited number of private investors. The Kistefos Group has been the controlling shareholder since 2006, and currently holds 60.3% of the issued shares.

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