Infront is a privately owned company offering electronic trading solutions and real-time market data, news and analytics covering over 50 exchanges worldwide. The company was founded in 1998 by Kristian Nesbak and Morten Lindeman, and is today a major Nordic player with more than 11 800 users. Its 80 employees are spread across the offices in Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

As a service provider to the financial industry, the company delivers trading solutions and financial information to users in more than 27 countries. The main product is the Infront terminal which is supplemented by their mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. With its efficient innovative interface the terminal is streamlined for the real world needs of finance professionals.

The Company’s main two solutions are the electronic trading solutions and the market data and analytics.

The Electronic trading solutions gives banks and brokerage firms a streamlined and cost effective trading terminal that increases order flow and provides a stable and sustainable trading solution.

The multi-asset market data terminal provides information within equities, derivatives, fixed income, commodities, FX & money markets, funds and ETPs. In addition, fundamental data and estimates are supplied from FactSet and WVB together with financial calendars and a broad customized news flow cowering the world markets.

Kistefos has been an active owner in the company since 2000.

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